Buddhism and Interfaith

protester glen eagles

Keith practising what he preached…spirituality and politics together… as an agent of change, both inner and outer. He is “sitting” – his term for meditation, on the approach road to Gleneagles Hotel outside Perth, whilst the G8 gather, July, 2005.

Keith, who had a daily practice of ‘sitting’, had been a member of a Buddhist group affiliated to the FWBO, (Friends of the Western Buddhist Order), in Perth from 2004 – 2008.  He was keen to bring various aspects of his activities to the group, although this was not always welcome. Keep Pol out of Sangha – written on 26.08.16.

Maybe his spiritual home was the UK Network of Engaged Buddhists – https://thebuddhistcentre.com/BAM/uk-network-engaged-buddhists-dissolves where he attended regular retreats and wrote for their newsletters.

Keith also regularly visited a retreat centre called Throssle Hole in Northumberland which was a Soto Zen abbey, founded by an English woman, Rev. Master Jiya-Kennett – http://throssel.org.uk/

He was also at this time a Buddhist Chaplain for Perth Prison, where he visited inmates regularly, and helped in practical ways, such as providing character references for inmates. He was enabled to do this through the work of Angulimala Scotland –http://angulimala.org.uk/angulimala-scotland/

Below, with his colleagues at the prison.


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