As mentioned in the tributes, Keith co-founded and worked in various voluntary organisations, including SUST, in Dumfries and Galloway, which included projects on  orchards and waste disposal, and Another Way, which provided information and support on natural death and green burials and eventually became a charity.

Outside Monimail hut

Arriving at new home at Monimail, eco-community, in Fife.


Letter to press re oil 10.7.2000

Letter to press re windfarms. 20.05.02

Letter to press re transport. 10.07.00

Letter to press re windfarms,etc.20.05.2002

Mexican_Flu_Outbreak_ Although not written by Keith, he had included it on his own website.

2009Peak oil. 01.03.2009

SEPA reply on waste 27.08.16

Sust Agric., esp. re meat 17.01 2007

Free energy

WEB OF CONNECTIONS  A game to stimulate discussion about the interconnectedness of our complex society.