Why is 9/11 Truth so important?

Basically because if we can't all shout 'We see what you did!' - like the American people did with Nixon (once the CIA cut him loose) after the relatively piddling crime of the Watergate burglary – then what chance will we have of stopping neo-con and other male gangs from driving all our poor hi-jacked world over the cliff? Easter Island. Planet Jonestown. Auschwitz.

9-11 and its new Islamophobic blood libel ('You Arabs and Muslims are the evil-doers!') has served as the launch pad or justification for the ‘War on Terror’, dodgy dossiers, illegal and immoral wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, industrial scale torture, official cover-ups and the shredding of civil liberties at the cost in Iraq alone of over 100,000 civilian lives, $180bn and depleted uranium polluted battlefields (half life 4.5 bn years). US ‘defence’ expenditure has rocketed, Star Wars is reborn and it’s full speed ahead towards a ‘full spectrum dominance’, biometric ID carded, internet-'voting' corporate fascist global tyranny (Bush'es grandfather and great-grandfather helped Hitler into power, google 'Webster Tarpley' and 'Glen Yeadon' on this.)

The sheer scale and audacity of the 9/11 cover-up suggests we are already living in a world of state managed propaganda where powerful elites and institutions collude to keep unpalatable truths from the people. (If you think this is too strong, you try getting a 9-11 letter into the Guardian, one reason why we have to reach out directly!) In this unipolar world of US dominance, the last check and balance is the power of global public opinion.

The spook community globally knows fine well that elements in the US administration brought down their own buildings - but still some Left Gatekeepers feel that this is not something we should discuss in front of the children! Too much for ordinary people to handle! Among arguments used are:

As Tony Blair said, on the eve of war in Afghanistan, “This is a moment to seize. The kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Before the pieces settle, let us re-order this world around us” This is indeed a moment to seize but not as Blair would have foreseen it. Provided we can avoid new hate and blame systems, we have an chance to transform the world. Exposing the 9/11 cover-up is a vital key. Fear, ignorance divide, Love and truth unite.