At the Spring 2005 pre-election Scottish conference of the LibDems, held in Perth, I turned up with the following illegal offering. Unlike the previous year's conference which had been very welcoming, it wasn't possible to come as an observer (unless I paid a fortune) - doubtless due to pre-election security concerns. So I gave this out to just a few delegates round the door, including one C Kennedy as he arrived, or rather Kennedy told me to give it to his aide.

The Open Letter is really a challenging reflection on several of the things which all the conventional political parties feel they can't safely discuss - because of the tyranny of hostile media tycoons, and introjected fear of their own, in many cases. Anyway, for what its worth, here it is.


My central concern is that the Liberal Democrats (and Greens, SSP, etc) become a party where people can investigate the truth together without excessive fear of 'What if this get's out? What if the Powerful people get to hear about this?'.  Now of course the Powerful people have a dreadful and effective track record of rubbishing new thinking and other thought crimes against Pax Americana post War on Terror.

So you do indeed have to tread carefully having me raise these issues is better for you as I am indeed plausibly deniable by you since I am not a LD party member, nor of any other party I should add.

But it is one thing to be careful what you say to others, surely it is another to censor what you think privately. Because if you can only talk about the world as officially given by the Powers -that-be, then it won't be long before you can no longer analyse situations clearly and independently, which is the minimum precondition for an effective liberatory politics, which helps gradually to release people from fear by increasing the bounds of the sayable, thinkable and decidable.

So here is a list of 10 Official Truths (Pravda) which the Neo-Con commissars stand poised to rubbish you for questioning!

1)'All is well' never mind starvation and the clear signs of global climate havoc which are already leading to deaths, resource wars, extinctions. And lets all pretend that the US isn't torturing on an industrial scale.

2)'Growth must be accompanied by new money introduced into the economy as Debt'. Currently it is worth £22 bn a year to the banks to get first crack at money, but Society could authorise itself (as the government) to introduce new money as grant or as debt-free loan (Social credit).[Frances Hutchinson, What Everybody Really Wants to Know abour Money, Jon Carpenter Publishing, 1998]

3) 'We are helping the Poor nations repay their Debts'. But these 'debts' are just zeros typed into a computer, which require from no one any sacrifice or risk to loan, but cost blood and sweat to repay by the peoples of the global South to whom we are morally indebted theft of primary resources, reparations for aggressive wars, compensation for destruction of the global environment, predatory trade and aid policies, etc. [Mike Rowbotham: The Grip of Death A Study of modern money, debt slavery and destructive economics, as above]

4) 'Most jobs are useful' most jobs are either harmful or useless or only useful given that we arrange things in such bizarre ways.

5) 'Things must necessarily always be scarce' But suppose our vaunted high-tech economy is actually a mechanism for constantly re-creating scarcity ? as Adam Curtis'es fine TV series 'The Century of Self' showed us. Consider the evidence from a 2001 think tank report: by the year 2002 the world would make in 2 days what it had taken the world a year to make in 1900. Allowing for population growth, adjusting for dates to 2005 not 2020, and allowing for considerable easement in living conditions, improved houses, reduced hours, etc we still have to ask ourselves where 250 days worth of productivity have actually gone to?!: Answer: Waste, competition, built in obsolescence, advertising and fashion nonsense, wars, banking, bureaucracy to enforce status and exclusion. Etc

6) 'The big Problem is The Threat of Terrorism': this should come in at about number ninety behind global warming, wars, famines, Aids, domestic violence, slavery, trafficking, arms sales and gun-running, drugs, pornography and sex-tourism, industrial accidents, infanticide and suicide, etc

7) 'No point bringing men and women stuff into it'   Although the above problems are massively gendered in their perpetration (by gangs of 'real men) and impact in clearly gendered ways on society, we are not allowed to speak about these gendered problems in gendered terms for fear of gangs of mostly male journalists and others deciding that we have ruined our credibility, and must therefore believe that males are bad, women are innocent, blah, blah. In many ways the discourse about gender is constantly in danger of slipping backwards, so that the hard-won vital distinction between sex (biology) and gender (cultural meanings linked to biology) become obfuscsated again.

8) 'Bush won the last election' Elections in the US have been stolen before (e.g. Kennedy in 1960!). But since Chuck Hagel won Nebraska in mystery last minute Republican landslide in 1996 with voting on machines supplied by his company, electoral theft has reached epidemic proportions. Florida 2000, Georgia, Alabama etc in the midterm elections of 2002 (complete with yet another plane crash to remove Senator Paul Wellstone, the only Democrat who opposed the war on Afghanistan, who was proving the popularity of an anti-war, social provison politics) another result worth pondering was the 18181 votes won by three Republicans in Comal County Texas which 'co-incidence theorists' said was just chance and others were too fearful to call them on, but note also the choice of neo-nazi numbers A= 1, H= eighth letter);
Then 2004 with dozens of forms of skullduggery, the most fundamental centred on the electronic voting which Blair is determined to introduce as swiftly as possible. If you check out the following sites with an opon mind, I would be surprised if you disagree with my conclusion:; ;
The trick is to prepare oneself to have that open, calm, critical, relaxed mind as we examine the evidence impartially, without FEAR of discovering how bad things really are and of being punished for noticing/talking about it.

9) 'Arab Highjackers murdered those people in the Twin Towers' Now we are entering seriously illegal territory and practicing politicians may wish first to install some gear which helps to prevent Big Brother from monitoring what thought crimes you might be up to:
I ask you to keep breathing and just noticing if you find yourself getting impatient, wanting to throw some dismissive remark about lizards, etc.

BASIC CASE: it is physically impossible for those towers to have come down as they did (speed of fall, short steel beams swiflty shipped out under armed guard, concrete pulverised, physics of the mushroom cloud, etc) - without internal explosions, which witnesses heard, seismogaphs picked up, videos verify, and which brought down a building a block away at 5.30 pm, whose owner later admitted it had been 'pulled', etc, etc. (plus which controlled demolitions two Bush relatives were in a position to procure through their positons in the Security company 'guarding' the WTC). The buildings were immensely strong! Steel framed buildings can withstand much hotter, longer fires, yet the first three in history ever to fall!
Surprisingly, there turns out to be no good evidence (mobile phones don't work at those heights and speeds) of any 'Islamic High-jackers' in those planes on that day there were some noisy good time 'Muslim' patsies in Florida and Phoenix who probably thought they were being trained to fly CIA drug runs. And there is a lot of evidence that as soon as 9-11 happened the photo-journalists in the Arab world were being pestered for photos of 'the Arabs rejoicing'- in theend US newspapers had to recycle old intifada photos   Conclusion: 9-11 was an inside job and and anti-Muslim frame-up. Evidence? - or

10) 'The LibDems (or Greens, or SNP, etc, etc) can take their time and eventually arrive to power through normal-times politics' But the War on Terror is devouring the world, destroying democracy everywhere it takes a hold and will do so in this country witness tortue evidence, Belmarsh, ID cards, latest bids for ever-more executive powers. The BBC is being intimidated. Public discourse is being dragged lower. If Labour win an overall majority they will leave us all dangling for PR yet again. ONLY A HUNG PARLIAMENT WILL CONVINCE THEM TO INTRODUCE IT. For that you need an implicit tactical voting alliance with the SNP/Plaid Cymru but also with the Tories so long as it looks as if Blair will get back with another overall majority. Desperate times call for fresh thinking and popular unity! Thank you for reading this, Together we can balance the Parliament!

Best wishes, Keith Mothersson STRATEGICVOTER.ORG.UK
(independent, nonparty, with interactive, poll-sensitive, seat-specific update Gizmo!)