about me (wrtten for my Strategic Voter site)

Weíre none of us special but all unique. I find it helps me to understand other peopleís initiatives if they explain where they are coming from. So in the interests of transparency in politics, hereís some more background.

Iím 56 and a proud grand-dad, mostly at a distance. Iíve made lots of mistakes over the years, but fortunately some really good friends as well.

My parents were Christian missionaries, these days Iím a practicing Buddhist with a positive inter-faith orientation.

I studied Sociology and Psychology at Keele University, followed by postgraduate work on the history of the Ďalternativeí socialist traditions at Birmingham University Politics Dept.

Iíve been involved in several social movements over the years, including menís anti-sexism, Agenda 21 work for sustainable development, and in the peace movement (Institute for Law and Peace and World Court Project).

I think I was a member of the Labour Party Young Socialists for half a term at college, where I was a Ďrevolting studentí. Since then I havenít been a member of any political party, and much of that time Iíve been very critical of party politics. I donít think elections are the be-all and end-all Ė in fact much of my life I thought voting a waste of time.

But these days I feel overwhelmed by a sense of how we all depend on Society and on Mother Nature, so I hope to use whatever opportunity arises (not excluding voting) to express this gratitude and contribute as best I can - however inadequately - to defending and expressing our 'Motherland' of peaceful civilian life worldwide.

Iím not very high-powered and not very organised. I live remote from centres of political influence. Iíve zero Ďpolitical credibilityí because I will tend to pop in softy stuff like the above paragraph. Basically Iím no threat to anyone, I hope!