All of us have a deep yearning to rest secure in the certainty of being cared for and protected. Such feelings are natural, but they become unhealthy when we look to inappropriate father-figures to meet these needs and when we cling to states of denial about real abuses.
Another need we have is to belong to a majority in such a way that no one can single us out for being attack for being deviant. Unconsciously we avert our gaze from noticing those things whose open acknowledgement could place us in the stressful position of being in a lonely cognitive minority. Who wants to be branded a 'conspiracy theorist' for example?!

However as the danger and harm in the world keep increasing it gets harder and harder to maintain the comforting story that our rulers know best and have our best interests at heart. Even when they and their supporters sincerely wish to improve matters, they may be in the grip of fanatical ideologies and dysfunctional social patterns and addictive habits, with the result that war, poverty and scarcity are constantly recreated.

And sometimes these fanatical patterns get so extreme that a kind of reckless acting out takes place which gets harder and harder to ignore: 'stop me before I kill again'! The evidence set out  in the inside spread suggests that 9-11 was such an occasion: an inside job frame-up by elements in the Bush adminstration.

Whether or not you agree with the evidence we present, we hope that you will take this opportunity to reflect both on what may really have happened and on what this means about ourselves and our society (e.g. How come the BBC/Guardian/etc don't allow a proper discussion of 9-11?, or e.g. If 'They' aren't going to change,  then maybe we will have to!)

Psychology of Patriotic Denial

Since Uncle Sam  serves us a surrogate 'parent' for all of us who have ever identified as 'free world Westerners', these insights  by US psychologist Tova Gabrielle can help many non-Americans deal with our shock of being 'orphaned'.

"We citizens are expected to observe the unspoken but classic rules that protect the alcoholic head of the family: 'Donít talk, donít think, donít feel.' ...We have been raised as a country of addicts brainwashed into finding a way out of feeling pain. The longer we delude ourselves and try to avoid our pain, the greater is the infection that we create within our collective psyche. ...

"We need to become willing to give up our sense of false security in order to stop living a huge lie. Otherwise, we will remain, like children of alcoholics, afraid of feelings of powerlessness. ...Of course it is difficult to confront our fears and insecurities. But the good news is that facing reality is the way to become empowered.

"The clarity and thoroughness of the evidence laid out on this website [see note at end]  allows us to take the first steps toward being able to believe that the Bush administration was behind the 9/11 attacks. Change happens incrementally. Little waves of inspiration and insight feed bigger waves. ... The evidence supporting the claims of Bushís complicity in 9/11 is readily available both on the internet and increasingly in hardcopy. This information is as plain as math, as concrete and physical as anything you ever learned in school.

"We are being led into a sort of ďforced individuation. ...No more 'intelligence failures'. It is healthy to get mad, but use that fuel wisely: Get creative and spread the truth. We canít heal what we canít feel. We canít change what we wonít even dare to imagine. ď - Source

The website mentioned is which is one of the very best and clearest and most scientifically meticlous websites on the collapse of the triple towers. Unfortunately it takes strange positions on the Pentagon attack and indulges in some quite sectarian eforts to discredit other researchers of good will, such as 911 Scholars for Truth. Fortunately Jim Hoffman's talents are better employed in two great demolitions of semi-official (CIA-linked?) 'refutations' of 911 conspiracy theories which appeared in Popular Mechanics and Scientific American.

The mostly outstanding companion site provides a broader view, including historical context and the use of disinformation to conceal the truth. KM