- circulated in September 2004

'Could you not stay awake even one hour?'

I write because another crucifixion is in process and even socially aware Christians, Quakers, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahai's and Humanists seem to share the prevailing societal denial concerning 9-11.

The official story (itself a 'conspiracy theory') has now been disproved by a dynamic 9-11 truth movement involving, e.g.:

a) grieving relatives (denouncing the 9-11 'Truth Omission' for dodging nearly all their questions, with 125 lawsuits in the offing such as that of Bush by widow Ellen Mariani);
b) films such as Barry Zwicker's 'The Great Deception' and 'The Great Conspiracy' (;
c) an explosion of books such as Jim Marr's 'Inside Job' and process theologian David Ray Griffin's devastating 'The New Pearl Harbour' - hailed by Howard Zinn, Richard Falk and Feminist Theologian Rosemary Reuther amongst many others;
d) demonstrations, radio shows, and even a recent Zogby opinion poll (49 percent of New Yorkers reckoned Bush Knew and consciously let it happen).
At the heart of the truth-movement is a huge on-line community which has emerged complete with futile quarrels, disinformation peddlers and anti-semites. Mercifully it also has a mainstream (e.g. Nico Haupt's fine 9/ [ see Note at end]) which successfully integrates critiques coming from the progressive left and right, and from specialist websites such as - run by the Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven (SPINE).

These sites investigate and document every angle:

But the strongest demolition (sic) of the 9-11 Legend comes from examining the physical fate of the three (N.B. - see World Trade Center buildings (guarded, incidentally, by a security company in which Marvin Bush and cousin Wirt Winkler were recent ex-director and CEO respectively).These were the first steel-framed skyscrapers ever to collapse - but the rubble and suspiciously short lengths of steel were shipped out under armed guard despite appeals by architects, firefighters and relatives.

Skyscrapers have often survived far longer and hotter fires. 'The fires are isolated and dying down, we'll only need two hoses', the firemen radio-ed from the North Tower. Many survivors report a series of explosions, something born out by video analysis and the siesmographic record.

The quantum of energy required to melt steel (at 1500 degrees C) and pulverise such a mass of concrete is way over what can be provided by 8000 gallons (max) of engine fuel (burns at only 450 degrees), plus gravity.

An orange dropped from the top of the towers would have taken 9.2 secs to hit the ground. Is it really credible that 110 storeys pancaked down into each other in only 11 seconds?

Please don't take my word for all this - check out the websites I cite here!

This INSIDE JOB calls for INNER WORK and OUTER ACTION on the part of faith communities of all kinds - unity found through a common struggle for the truth.

Far from this being another oddly comforting anti-Bush rant, I appeal to you to absorb the full seriousness of the implications.Every night in multiplexes across the U.S. tens of thousands of Americans are cheering as the returned Christ of the 'Left Behind' blockbusters hurls unbelievers into fiery furnaces. (Of course many other U.S. Christians have opposed such primitive and reactionary pseudo-theology.)
Genocide happens in the context of wars - Armenians, Cambodians, Tutsis; and  Jews, portrayed even in 1943 as engaged in an all-powerful and unified super-conspiracy.

In Britain too '9-11' has led to increased racism and Islamophobia. Western economies rely utterly on oil. Already rumours of petrol shortages trigger panic and road-rage. If Mid-East resistance-fighters (and/or manipulations by the US oiligarchy or the Saudis) disrupt oil supplies, then - egged on by media and politicians - many desperate petrol-addicts may lose the heid and accuse Muslims of being 'fifth columnists' in the latest 'war'.

It is vital progressive Christians and others speak out against Islamophobia and reach out to the Muslim community! Rather than sometimes merely reconciling Muslims to the West's geo-political agenda (arguably) , could Interfaith circles develop study groups to investigate and publicise what happened that fateful day - or at least what didn't happen?

Can we turn a theocratic 'Christian' starting gun for a 'Clash of Civilisations' into an shared nonviolent jihad (struggle) for Truth which alone offers a way of hope. How can puncture this sacred 9-11 Blood-Myth which is being used to justify ever-more wars, laws, and hatreds without end?

And on a personal level can we each use 9-11 as a spur to spiritual growth beyond our personal comfort zones? Can we investigate each new article or book or website or conversation with genuinely open minds, can we dispassionately sift truth from disinformation and distraction?

Can we decommission addictive patterns of anger, blame and 'othering', which easily distract ourselves from taking responsibility for changing our own actions and priorities in view of how damaging and damaged the world really is.

What feelings arise as we find ourselves in a small ridiculed minority? As we meet these difficult feelings in our own psyches, can we then identify better with the fears and denials of those who still think they need to cling to Normal Life in a Basically Decent Western Civilisation?
Scary waters, but if we don't expose the founding Lie of this largely phoney and terroristic 'war on terror' then the climate for speaking out will become ever more difficult!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me for dialogue, consultation, and such contact and advice as I may be able to suggest.

With best wishes (Gassho!)
Keith Mothersson
9-11 Truth Process (Scotland)    0845 456 4779 or keith[dot]mothersson[at]phonecoop[dot]coop

I referred to Nico Haupt's blogspot as an example of the 'mainstream' of the 911 truth movement. I think Nico is more often on the controversial cutting edge. The best mainstream sites are, and the Scholars for Truth website .

Of special relevance to Interfaith people is the dynamic Muslims, Jews, Christians against 911 False Witness whose website is