Liberalism Yes and No

My parents and grandparents on both sides were big (social) Liberals then Libdems, though also supported tactical voting to get Thatcher out.

In 2005 I led a 'strategic voting campaign' through the website which aimed to punish the war-mongers and achieve a more meaningful, participative and proportional political system through electoral reform. That meant encouraging people to vote in such a way as to maximise the chances of a hung Parliament, which we tried to rebrand as 'balanced'. And that meant encouraging people to vote Lib Dem in many seats, and SNP or Plaid in some others, and even Tory in many others.

The following offerings come from that period:

1) Why the LibDems are to some extent the 'softy party' - and should turn this to positive acount! ......

2) Beyond Fear: Open Letter to Liberal Democrats, Spring 2005.  This offered a sympathetic airing to the problem no one usually talks about - that of politically active people feeling they cannot talk about important aspects of what is going on or what needs to happen.

3) Militant vigilance against galloping tendencies towards systemic voting fraud

4) Constructive directions from a balanced parliament and PR towards a much improved system of participatory self-governance to meet the practical challenges we face