The world is in the grip of an insane suicide cult intent on burning the last drop of oil.

Like the competitive men's gangs on Easter Island who cut down all the trees, those in charge of the Oil Cult become ever-more fanatical about why it really matters to do x and y - even though x and y are destroying our planetary Earth-home that none of us made and all of us depend on. And like the leadership clique around the rogue CIA sponsored cult leader, the Rev Jim Jones, in the last days at Jonestown, Guyana,  the leaders of the oil cult gangs are also becoming increasingly paranoid and liable to physically enslave and attack anyone who wants out of their delusive suicidal system.

With that caveat, and when it comes to mental enslavement, the good news is that their ideas can only hold our minds in sway to the extent that we continue to subscribe to their Oil-burning cult, and the lesser gods of comfort, convenience, speed, price, custom, etc which lodge more or less deep in all our psyches to some extent.

Web of Connections - Proposal for a 'Sustainability Plus' learning game and MayDay Calendar